At OPUMO, being sustainable means managing our business better by integrating environmental, social and economic considerations into our operations and services, as well as the operations, services and products of our suppliers. Sustainability combines corporate responsibility and strategic opportunity – driving our operating costs down, our revenues up. We also hope to influence the wider adoption of sustainable practices of all businesses we work with. 

We don’t just talk about sustainability at OPUMO; it’s a crucial part of our company culture. We have initiatives and strategies that engage our workforce, including implementing efficiency measures, promoting recycling, reducing our use of natural resources and carefully managing our waste. Our employees are encouraged to share information and tips about sustainable practices both at home as well as in the office.

Additionally, we’re moving beyond traditional sustainable efforts and harnessing what we do best – ethically sourcing high quality, long lasting goods made from high grade quality materials, to help move society toward a less wasteful existence and away from the current buy and chuck culture.  

Responsible and sustainable actions benefit us all – our customers, our business and the environment.