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Believe Marram Co, once you try it, you won’t ever go back.

Marram Co's safety razor takes a double-edged safety blade for the classic, responsive shave.

If you have never used a safety razor before, you should give it a try. You get a closer, more responsive shave as you are in the driving seat, angling the blade perfectly to your contours. And, you are less likely to suffer from sensitivity and in-grown hairs as there is only one blade cutting at the surface of the skin not below it.

The head and neck of the razor are manufactured from solid brass. The handle is short but wide so that it fits into the palm of your hand for ultimate control – finished in the high-grade, black rubber for grip when wet and a more modern look to match the brush.

Because the safety blades cost less, you can use a fresh, sharp blade as often as you want. You can also recycle them so less plastic in the landfill. It only takes a couple of shaves to get the hang of it (the knack is simply to take shorter strokes and rinse your blade slightly more often). Believe Marram Co, once you try it, you won’t ever go back.

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  • Marram Co
    • ESTABLISHED 2015
    • FOUNDERS Jude Jarvis, James Jarvis & Paul Edwards
    • ORIGIN Howth, Leinster
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  • Marram Co believe that shaving should be pleasurable and personal, all it takes is the right tools and a little preparation.

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