A studio with a passion for timeless design and slow living sounds like a contrived marketing plan for a number of new wave brands but for Aure Studio, it’s at the very heart of their design ethos.

Born and slowly growing in Raadvad, in a former knife factory north of Copenhagen, the independent Danish design studio consists of four individuals – Johanne, Fredrik, Filip and Sjur, who all know each other as friends from their homeland of Norway. However, their professional relationship grew naturally as soon as they all found themselves in the same city. In that relatively short period of time, having founded the brand in 2017, the quartet have made a real impression in the world of design for having their own incredibly distinctive aesthetic while being hard to categorise at the same time.

November No.1 Print

“We are very diverse in our strengths,” Fredrik explains, “but we all share a lot of the same basic principles within design and life.” Like the multi-talented members of the studio, Aure is difficult to pin down because its work spans art, object and fashion design. Which, in today’s world, is something to behold. It’s one thing having the impetus or vision to try out different things, but to succeed in those different categories is another thing entirely . But so is the strength of Aure.

Taking inspiration from Aure’s grandmother’s drawings from 1941, the studio’s latest collection of contemporary art prints has just arrived at OPUMO. Taking into consideration the composition of those old drawings, the studio has managed to propel the classic shapes into the modern day with the help of bold and geometric lines that are often found in contemporary architecture, furniture and graphic art.

Mai No.2 Print
November No.2 Print

Aure Studio’s eclectic collection of prints maintain a minimalist approach while the injection of pastel colours, beautiful patterns and textures adds a new, unpredictable direction to the brand’s work – particularly in the artistic sphere. But, what makes Aure Studios’ prints particularly special, is the fact that each piece is individually signed and numbered and part of a limited-edition collection. Which means, whatever print you pick you’ll be hard pushed to find it anywhere else.

April No.2 Print

Check out a few of our favourite prints in the image gallery above and shop the entire Aure Studio collection at OPUMO.