Welcome to the unknown.

Australian-based architect Nick Stath pays homage to modernism like you have never seen before; producing a vivid representation of the excess and abstract forms that dominate the world in which we live in.

Creating an intricate series of digital drawings, titled ‘Space, Scale, Composition and Atmosphere’, Stath explores the precarity of each subject through balancing them alongside contemporary architecture, be it buildings, statues or ornamental structures.

Forming a paradox to oppose the visual complexity of today’s landscape, Stath strips the architecture back to simple, yet equally spectacular forms. Through placing an emphasis on sparse landscapes or the ‘spacemen’ like silhouettes in each picture, Stath presents a powerful tribute to the dominance of modernism.

The positioning of each buildings is dictated by individual context to produce an air of ambivalence. For example, Stath places emphasis on the importance of each building’s stature, and in doing so creates a more personal relationship with the inhabitant, its surroundings and the scale of the scenery. With the dream-inspired scenes taking the focus of the picture, providing the grandeur to subdue the architecture.

The result is a spectacular collection of compositions that capture an enchanting sense of mystery. Take a closer look at the entire series below and follow Nick Stath on Instagram @nick_stath.