No matter how long we put it off, at some point we have to accept that summer is over. Rather than dreading the cold, wet weather to come, why can’t we embrace it? With the right wardrobe, autumn and winter can be a breeze. Don’t let the prospect of rain showers and less-than-enjoyable temperatures put you off your plans, instead take a look at Filling Pieces’ sneakers and rethink your approach. The Amsterdam label showcases premium quality materials and innovative design in the new collection which features high-top sneakers and low-top sneakers for men, covering a range of styles and uses.


Filling Pieces Dark Green Mid Alpine Aten Heel Cap Boots

Taking design cues from traditional hiking boots, Filling Pieces has adapted the style to fit squarely into the men’s luxury sneakers category. If you’re looking for one shoe that does almost everything, the Alpine Aten Heel Cap Boots are the one. Rugged outdoor detailing like canvas inserts and lace hooks combine with premium nubuck and suede for an elevated, stylish take on men’s autumn footwear. Complete with a leather lining and a heel cap sole, this is the most versatile pair of autumn boots for men this season.


Filling Pieces Navy Blue Pyro Tweek Sneakers

Continuing the hiking style, Filling Pieces Pyro Tweek Sneakers are a low-top men’s sneaker that can take on any conditions this season. The hybrid design can be traced back to high-performance trekking and climbing footwear, so you can rest assured that this pair of casual sneakers has you covered this season. Adapted to fit with urban life, the uppers are a combination of premium suede, mesh and nappa leather which will fit smoothly into the modern gent’s wardrobe.


Filling Pieces All White Low Cage GF Sneakers

Filling Pieces All White Low Cage GF Sneakers are inspired by men’s skating shoe designs of the early 2000s, but update the style through the use of premium nubuck and nappa leather. In keeping with the design of skating shoes, this pair features padding to the ankle and sole that makes for an extremely comfortable wear. Although most of the men’s sneakers at OPUMO boast supremely minimal uppers, Filling Pieces finds a way to introduce heavy detail in a new and refreshing way each season.


Filling Pieces Navy Low Mondo Ripple Suede perforated Sneakers

Showing a more pared-back side to men’s autumn sneakers, the Mondo Ripple Suede Perforated Sneakers are stripped back to the bare essentials. Handcrafted from luxurious micro-perforated suede in a deep navy hue, these casual sneakers work perfectly with a pair of men’s chinos. In typical Filling Pieces style, the minimal suede uppers are paired with a contrastingly rugged sole that is prepared for all that autumn and winter can throw at it.

Filling Pieces All White Mondo 2.0 Ripple Aspesi Sneakers

This immaculate pair of Mondo 2.0 Ripple Sneakers is the result of a collaboration between Filling Pieces and Italian brand Aspesi. Aspesi’s ethos revolves around creating timeless garments using exclusive fabrics which shows clearly in this silhouette. The clean, all-white upper is crafted from suede and nappa leather and is complemented by a hit of orange leather to the heel tab.


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