“The world is but a canvas to our imagination”.

Transforming the ordinary in to the extraordinary – Taable Photography- founded by Axel Oswith and Amanda Kusai- inspires everyday living through turning the mundane in to the truly enchanting.

What initially started as a means of photographing everyday objects in to something altogether more profound, soon developed in to a long term venture that captures both the eye and the imagination. Leaving you somewhat mesmerised that such ordinary objects can look so sincere as an intricate art subjects.

Devoted to art direction and photography, the pair of Oswith and Kusai also work at the intersection of art and design to create these truly spectacular photographs.

By using vibrant colour clashes, intricate shading and mixed elements, Alex and Amanda have managed to shed light on what could be considered the most ordinary subjects. The combination of these candy-coloured, well-composed visuals conjured up a series that appears to be both commercial and artistic- a unique blend that will no doubt leave you in total awe.

The materials and objects that feature across the collection are each used as an individual point of reference, carefully selected to create a strong visual representation for the audience. As without understanding, the scope of the motif, the interest and intention of the idea decreases.

Expanding worldwide to showcase their exceptional collection of colourful anecdotes, Axel Oswith and Amanda Kusai’s Taable Photography regularly update the world with snapshots of joy over on their official Instagram account, @thetaable.

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