Author: Mr and Mrs T on Tour

A comprehensive e-vehicle travel guide to Europe

Featuring the best places, the most beautiful hotels, and insider tips

With information on e-mobility and travel by electric car  

“Acting more sustainably should not stop with driving an electric car, but it is a good start!” – Mr & Mrs T on Tour

Get in, drive off, and recharge positive energy sustainably

Long journeys in an electric car—this is no longer a dream of the future!

Traveling the world in an electric car; tracking down special places on the way where you can recharge not only your car, but also your own batteries; and inspiring others to simply travel more sustainably and with much more energy—these are the goals of Ralf Schwesinger and Nicole Wanner, alias “Mr & Mrs T on Tour.”

Sustainability, climate protection, saving resources: teNeues hears these concepts every day. So, too, do teNeues hears of those free spirits who quit their regular day-to-day lives, leave everything behind, and set off to explore the world. Mr & Mrs T show us just how to combine such personal freedom with a sustainable planet: electromobility.

In 2016, the couple bought an electric car. Two years later, they quit their jobs, closed the door on their apartment, said goodbye to their family and friends, and embarked on an electric driving adventure around the world.  

In this special EV travel guide, they show us the 50 most beautiful hotels of their journey through Europe. Every hotel is unique, but each allows the opportunity to recharge one’s batteries, and always welcomes you as a guest—whether you are driving an electric car or not. Through beautiful photographs and inspiring texts, Mr & Mrs T give us authentic insight into their journey and valuable suggestions for surrounding sights, leisure activities, restaurants, and events within each region. In addition, they have dedicated a very special chapter in the book to the subject of “Traveling by Electric Car,” which provides orientation for newcomers and also for those who already have e-xperience.

Join Mr & Mrs T on Tour on an electric driving adventure!  

Ralf Schwesinger and Nicole Wanner had good positions with renowned Swiss companies, but the purchase of a Tesla completely changed their lives. The opportunity to experience the world on electric wheels combined with their spirit of adventure led the couple to embark on an e-mobility world tour, crafting a unique sustainable travel guide along the way. The couple visit each documented hotel themselves, for authentic firsthand recommendations.

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