Vinyl Brush



Anti-static, ultra fine carbon fibre brush. Effectively lifts dust, grit and particles to reduce friction without damaging your records.

Vinyl brush

Drain the static charge from your records and lift any residual dust and grime. The conductivity of the brush’s carbon fibre bristles eliminates static charges while gently and efficiently removing the dust, grit and particles that bung up your vinyl’s grooves and degrade your record’s sound. The conductive carbon fibers reach deep into the grooves of your vinyl to remove even the smallest particles, leaving your records clean while prolonging the life of vinyl and stylus.

Handle:  Aluminium

Brush:  Carbon fibre

Frame: ABS

Carbon fibre bristles: 528,000

The Vinyl brush gives you:

01 Pivoting brush assembly with self-cleaning design

02 Increased dynamic range

03 Vast improvement in overall soundstage clarity and instrumental definition

04 Substantial reduction in vinyl noise floor

05 Increased vinyl and stylus longevity

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One size.

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AM Clean Sound take the satisfaction of their customers very seriously. Every product is inspected to the highest possible quality standards before dispatch. However, if you are not totally satisfied with your purchase you can return it to them within 30 days for an exchange or full refund. 

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AM Clean Sound
  • AM Clean Sound
    • ESTABLISHED 1971
    • FOUNDER Anders Moesgaard
    • ORIGIN Denmark
    • KNOWN FOR Technology Cleaning Products & Accessories
  • Back in the summer of 1971, Danish teenager Anders Moesgaard was assessing the damage to his vinyl collection after one of his older brother’s parties. Unable to find a product that could get the records clean, he transformed his parent’s garage into a lab to develop and produce the first AM Clean.

  • As music consumption has evolved, AM Clean Sound continues to innovate and adapt to new technologies. From vinyl and cassettes in the 70s to touch-screen technology today, AM Clean Sound has it all covered with its specialist range of sprays, wipes, cloths and cleaning pumps.

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