Black Coffee Table

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The Joy Resolve coffee table is made from the coffee grounds of 300 coffees. it is mixed with 70% recycled plastic packaging to make it into this unique material.

Designed to have a strong and timeless shape, it will continue to compliment evolving interior decors for years to come.

To celebrate the unique material, the table was designed to have a minimal enviromental footprint - It is shipped flat packed, 1/9 of its full size to reduce transportation emissions. It can be assembled in a simple 3-step process.

Designed by Josh Renouf Made in collaboration with Smile Plastics. Made in the UK, Fully Recyclable

• Durable | Each Table is Unique

• Flat-pack assembly

• Sustainable | Can reuse all material

Size Guide

Dimensions: H 70 cm, L 70 cm

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This item ships to UK, EU and US.


If you are not fully happy with your mfpen item, you can return it to them within 14 days of receipt, providing they are in original resalable condition. 

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