Great design is the art of bringing something special to the everyday. Enter the AWA Carbonator. This sleek device effortlessly carbonates tap water to turn an ordinary drink into a sparkling treat. What's more, the Carbonator does so while adding stripped-back minimalist style to your kitchen and, perhaps most importantly, without any of the waste attached to conventional store-bought bottled sparkling water.

Design is Scandinavian-inspired, with absolutely nothing that isn't essential to the AWA Carbonator’s central function. The discreetly cool matte black and chromed finish is conceived to bring quietly distinctive polish to any kitchen or worktop area. There's no need to plug the AWA Carbonator in to a powerpoint, so there are none of those pesky power cables that are every minimalist's secret nightmare. 

AWA's designers came up with the idea of the Carbonator on a trip to Iceland - and a stop at a naturally sparkling spring. This bubbling water - carbonated by the earth itself - inspired AWA's founders to bring the same experience to every home, in the most subtle, planet-friendly way. The idea is that having an AWA Carbonator in your life means there’s no longer the need to buy sparkling water in disposable bottles, with all the attendant waste.

Operation could not be more simple. A standard CO2 tank, widely available, is simply screwed into the bottom of the Carbonator, where it's neatly out of sight.  Then it's simply a matter of filling the supplied water bottle and attaching it to the Carbonator. Press the button at the top of the Carbonator and a full bottle of sparkling water is all yours. There’s even the capacity to tailor the sparkle to your tastes by holding the button down longer for more bubbles.

The AWA Carbonator is one of those impeccably form-follows-function pieces that add a real lift to your life, not least by adding daily delight to the simplest of activities: drinking a glass of water. Scandinavian style has never tasted so good.

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