Colour is welcome here. bound is the young, bold British clothing label bridging the gap between streetwear and contemporary. From primary-striped polos and t-shirts, to essential cord trousers and perfect-for-a-cool-evening overshirts these are wardrobe pieces that defy conventional definition. And they’re all the better for that.

The idea is that these are clothes that point out that life really isn't that serious, and could do with more than a dash of originality and vibrancy. In one sense, fun is what it's all about. But bound are deeply serious about what they do. Design is meticulous, matched by premium materials and crafting in a single small factory.

In a monochrome world, where shades of grey and beige sometimes seem as if they're compulsory, bound are determined to stand out - and to allow you to make your mark. Colours and patterns are drawn from inspirations around the world, often reflected in the name of each piece. These are garments that may come to define the wearer, conceived to reflect personality.

bound like to say that from the outset in 2018, "[our] guidelines were always set out to be natural, original and let the garments do the talking and our customers be bold". Rather than adhere to the conventional fashion ethos of seasonality and trend, Bound has created its own narrative, pulling its designs together in numbered Collections, allowing clients to identify where their chosen wardrobe items belong.

Forget fast fashion. As bound put it, they're "the long term brand, bound was meant to progress, collection after collection, year after year". Detail is important. Even where pieces have been popular, there's always room for improvement. Cord trousers, for example, were a big seller but bound weren't happy with the fabric so spent a year testing seven alternatives before settling on one that satisfied the demands of the designers.

The bound way has been to define a new path and they've won a devoted fan base for each of their Collections. We can't wait to see what they do next.

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