Jermyn Street, just south of Piccadilly in London, has since Victorian times been the home of some of the greatest gentleman's labels. Among them are household names like Dunhill, Acquascutum and Church's. To that storied list, add one of Jermyn Street's true secrets: the deluxe grooming brand Czech & Speake, still today a family-owned company that's obsessive about the fragrances and accessories that proudly wear its label.

Czech & Speake's focus is simple. This is where you go for your grooming and fragrance requirements after you've taken advantage of Jermyn Street's high end clothing offerings and before going on to tea at Fortnum & Mason or drinks at The Ritz, both just steps away. The emphasis is on the traditional, with subtle upgrades to meet the needs of the modern man, such as Czech & Speake's ingenious travel manicure set, with rounded blades to nail files and scissors so they're suitable for your carry-on baggage.

"To me," says Czech & Speake's founder Frank Sawkins of the tightly edited range of products that proudly bears his company's distinctive logo, "they are all part of one’s bathing routine and lifestyle; each part of our holistic offering represents a ritual of daily renewal, relaxation and confidence to give a feeling of wellbeing." He still designs, tests and develops each and every Czech and Speake product, as he's done since arriving at 88 Jermyn Street in 1980.

Czech & Speake's signature fragrance is No. 88, named after its address, and developed shortly after the shop opened its doors. The formulation continues unchanged to this day, testament to Czech & Speake's determination to remain truly independent in the increasingly corporatised world of luxury brands. No. 88’s unique mix of bergamot, geranium and sandalwood is the signature Czech & Speake scent: subtle, masculine and uplifting, available in cologne sprays, body and bathing oils as well as soaps. 

A more recent scent addition is Neroli, blended by Frank Sawkins and his expert associates to bring floral scents into your bathroom routine. Neroli combines ylang-ylang with orange to create a striking, fresh and exotic fragrance. Among the select ranges of other emerging scents from Czech & Speake are Oxford & Cambridge, with lavender and rosemary notes; Citrus Paradisi featuring grapefruit and sage; and Cuba described mysteriously as "a heady, rich scent" which is ideal for "long summer nights". One for the adventurous.

While the new fragrances and the travel-friendly deluxe manicure sets are very much of-the-moment, Czech & Speake's shaving sets, with brushes and high end razors are resolutely traditional. Design is without care for cost. The focus, instead, is on both timelessness of style and a rejection of the addiction to the disposable that's at the heart of so much of men's grooming. Just as Jermyn Street has retained its discreet, deluxe appeal, so Czech & Speake retains its quietly distinctive allure. Next stop: that cocktail at The Ritz.

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