Renowned jeans label Edwin has been at the forefront of denim craftsmanship since it was established in 1947 by Japanese denim obsessive Mr Tsunemi. At the time, denim wasn't manufactured in Japan, so Mr Tsunemi got to work cutting and sewing his own jeans using denim imported from the United States. He rearranged the letters of the word 'denim' and so Edwin was born.

Fast forward all these decades later, and it's safe to say that Edwin has revolutionised the entire denim industry. After creating its own washing technology, the brand went on to develop a series of denim washes over the years – from 'Old Wash' – used to replicate a worn-in feel – to the iconic method of stone washing, which permeated fashion circles in the '80s and continues to do so.

The spirit of innovation and progressiveness upon which Edwin was founded remains at the heart of the brand today: It looks to counter-cultural references within music, art and skate culture to inform a unique creative vision. Fusing its Japanese background, craftsmanship and expertise with a contemporary European flavour and attitude, it produces high quality denim jeans that span a multitude of finishes and fits – from washed to raw, loose fitting to tapered. Beyond denim, expect all manner of casual, streetwear-inspired staples like minimalist sweatshirts and plaid shirts.

Now that you've been introduced to Edwin, find your perfect fit with our ultimate guide to Edwin sizing.

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