There's nothing like Scandinavian design for honing down everyday objects to the premium essentials. At Nocs Design, the Swedish audio specialists, they've taken that to heart, embracing only the very finest components, while rejecting anything remotely superfluous. The result is high end audio on the go or at home, with a form follows function ethos that is effortlessly stylish. 

Think of Nocs Design as providing the finest of Swedish sophistication for your ears. The key is not only in the quietly brilliant look, though each Nocs Design product has that barely-there quality of the finest pieces of modernist design. These are wireless in-ear and cabled over-ear headphones and, coming soon, speakers that don't need to shout about their presence or show off their branding. They are proudly what they are - and nothing more or less. 

Quietly brilliant outside, as loud as you like from what’s within. That's the other half of the Nocs Design equation and it's the part that really counts. Nocs Design works with audiophiles - most notably world renowned DJs - to create the finest possible experience for those who use their products. The process of design is a rigorous one. As Nocs Design themselves put it, "If it isn’t good enough for us, it isn’t good enough for our customers - especially when our customers possess some of the most discerning ears around."

The company's NS1100 AIR wireless earphones, for example, boast not only ergonomic in-ear design, but feature mighty 9.2mm graphene drivers as well as class-leading Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. There are four microphones for conversations on the move. The overall result is a sound of great depth and detail, so that every pair of NS1100 AIRs is, as Nocs Design put it, "an ode to the music lover".

The key to Nocs Design's under-the-radar success is continued collaboration with and feedback from leading figures in the music industry. These audio obsessives are never standing still. In the the greatest traditions of Swedish design, these are audio products of true integrity, conceived to be an essential part of your life for a long time. Sounds perfect? That’s the Nocs Design way.

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