Oliver Co. was founded upon the belief that premium aesthetics, functionality and sustainable design don't have to be mutually exclusive. Its vegan wallets, cardholders, passport holders and keyrings look good and do good, making use of innovative sustainable fabrics to challenge our understanding of luxury items.

Oliver Co.'s founder is Matt Oliver, a product designer, who, after studying sustainable design and working in high-end watch design, wanted to create a premium brand that offers an alternative to environmentally-taxing leathers and synthetic alternatives. With sustainability at its core, the brand uses biomaterials, which are specially engineered materials that combine biology, technology and material science to deliver design and performance with minimal environmental impact.

Materials include apple leather – a bio-based material made using the leftover pomace and peel from the fruit juice and compote industry; wood leather – made using thin sheets of wood that are cut with micro laser etchings; Tencel – made from wood pulp;. and Cupro – a 'regenerated cellulose' fabric made from cotton waste. These biomaterials are used with the aim of transitioning away from the linear economy (make, use, dispose) and moving towards the circular economy and a zero-waste system.

All of that isn't to mention the sleek aesthetic that underpins Oliver Co.'s entire collection. Minimalist and refined, the accessories are timeless in style, guaranteeing they'll look just as great now as in ten or even twenty years time. Clean silhouettes, neutral hues and simple, understated branding lend themselves to ultimate versatility. These are items that will complement anything from your casual everyday uniform to business attire.

In a fast fashion-obsessed age, Oliver Co. is a breath of fresh air, proving that good looks, top notch construction and ethical craftsmanship can co-exist harmoniously.

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