When Annie Aveyard and Tom Revill were restoring their first home, a two-bedroom terrace in Walthamstow, east London, they wanted some high quality finishing touches to complement their DIY efforts. Things like stylish yet affordable handles, rails, house numbers and door knobs. Beautifully made, to flatter the hand at every touch. The idea that was to become Plank Hardware was born.

"My partner Tom had been working on a business making shelves from recycled scaffolding boards," says Plank Hardware co-founder Annie Aveyard, "they were really popular and we started to wonder if there was more we could do around hardware particularly." Why shouldn't there be a one-stop shop for the small-but-critical things that make or break a project?

Plank Hardware, named after Tom Revill's scaffolding plank shelves, set out to provide exactly what the couple needed for their own home. That means there is no compromise on quality of design or materials. Each piece they offer is meticulously described with a provenance to satisfy the most demanding of restorers.

It's not just about a project house. With recycling very much part of our lives, rethinking where we live rather than embarking the expensive business of moving - or even embarking on a full-scale kitchen refurbishment - provides a way to wake up the home and give living there a whole new feel, literally. Plank Hardware offers a choice of beautifully made pieces - such as knurled single t-handles for kitchen doors, so tactile you'll find yourself reaching out just to touch them - that offer exactly that.

The key is stylish, on-trend design always at an affordable price point. Plank only offer pieces which foreground their materials. Brass features heavily, with a variety of finishes offered to suit decor and mood. There's black, industrial grey or a selection of colourful finishes offered on many of their metalwork. All are provided with everything needed for the perfect fit.

No DIY project ever goes completely smoothly. With Plank Hardware at your side - and the experience of its two founders - at least you can be sure that your home refresh will have the prefect chic finish.

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