Collaborating with artist Vik Muniz, the latest collection from The Skateroom features the Brazilian’s eccentric, layered designs on its skate decks, highlighting his unique style and vision on an exciting medium. 

Born in São Paulo, Via Muniz is well known for working with unconventional materials ranging from tomato sauce to magazine clippings, diamonds to dust and dirt. He creates layered works with his bare hands, then photographs them with the results often visually striking and colourful. 

It made perfect sense for The Skateroom to collaborate with the artist, giving the brand’s unique platform and ability to showcase art in an exciting new way. Following its partnership with Keith Haring, The Skateroom’s latest project with Vik Muniz aims to support two social projects close to the artist’s heart. 

  1. Once Upon A Time In The West (Ely, NV) by Travis Schenider
    From £110
  2. VIU
    Steel Grey Precise Glasses
  3. Navy Heavyweight 24 Trousers
  4. Yellow Leather Cardholder
  5. Number 17 by Marleigh Culver
    From £110
  6. Natural Made-to-order Jute Rug
  7. Black Ash / Brass Turning Table
  8. Black Södermalm Spectacles
  9. Black 1960 Dining Chair

A total of 15% of the sales made from the collaboration will support the Escola Vidigal school, while 5% will support the Coletivo Skate Maré youth group. Both are located in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, and aim to give children a bright future. A colourful collection of skate decks, the collaboration makes for a striking addition to your home, while supporting two great causes. 

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