Belgian collective The Skateroom is renowned for its iconic collaborations with legendary artists – from Vik Muniz to Keith Haring. Now, the latest artist to decorate their decks is Raymond Pettibon, an American artist who creates stylised ink drawings that combine image and text. His work engages the visual rhetoric of pop and commercial culture, lending itself perfectly to The Skateroom's novel format of displaying art.

Two of Pettibon's baseball-themed works have been chosen to adorn two limited and numbered skateboard editions of 250: No Title (The raised hands…), 2013, and No Title (Boston Brave), 2017. The imagery highlights Pettibon’s unique ability to expertly capture a single moment in time, depicting baseball players in action. As Pettibon explains of the works, “To draw someone with a wetsuit or a tight, double-knit baseball outfit doesn’t lend itself to what I’m looking to describe. It’s just one snapshot; I’m trying to depict something that is an action. If you draw a baseball player, for instance, with the old-time baggy flannels, you can depict the action better than you can with something that looks painted on to his body. […] But it’s also meant to go back in time to when baseball had a more of a larger-than-life epic quality.”

Through this collaboration, The Skateroom will apply its signature fundraising model – which involves the donation of profits from every sale to Skateistan, an NGO that works with young people in Afghanistan and Cambodia – to keep supporting social skate projects for young people around the world. It ensures that the most vulnerable are not forgotten, but are instead empowered through skateboarding, art and education.

These two editions will specifically help raise $50,000 to finish the construction of the NGO Skateistan’s skate school in Bamyan, Afghanistan. It will include a state-of-the-art skatepark, as well as classroom spaces for creative lessons and to give out-of-school children a second chance at an education. 

Art that looks good and does good: what's not to love?

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