Artists love neon. Now there's an easy way to share this love on the walls of your home. Yellowpop is the London based company that will put your name – or anything else – up in neon. The idea is quite simple: to put more light in your life, by offering both custom pieces as well as ready-made work by young artists. Pop artists first began playing with neon in the 1960s. That fascination continues today. Front and centre: Tracey Emin, whose piece 'I Want My Time With You' was conceived to welcome arriving rail passengers to London's St Pancras station. The American artist Jenny Holzer, renowned for her elliptical aphorisms, has also chosen neon as a medium. Much more affordably, Yellowpop's curated selection is of strikingly original pieces by new contemporary artists' work in neon. Unlike any other art, these are pieces that – quite literally – light up a room. Read on to discover more.

Yellowpop overview

It may be no accident that Yellowpop was founded in London, one of the first cities to use this new medium after in emerged in the early years of the 20th century. The original Coca-Cola sign above Piccadilly Circus used more than half a mile of neon when it was installed more than 60 years ago. Yellowpop's founders Jeremy Cortial and Ruben Grigri want to bring neon - albeit slightly less of it - into your home. "We believe," they say, "in the powerfully uplifting effects of light." From small beginnings, their global client portfolio now includes blue chip companies, underlining Yellowpop's meticulous approach to both manufacture and delivery. Yellowpop has offices now in both New York and Paris as well as in London. What's the inside story on their process?


Every Yellowpop piece is crafted from materials chosen to last. If you're commissioning your own piece, the process could not be simpler. Using Yellowpop's online tools it's a simple matter to see how the words or symbols you're thinking of will look in a variety of colours and fonts. A gallery offers examples of pieces already installed. It really could not be easier. If you're choosing the work of one of Yellowpop's curated selection of artists, you can be sure that the best materials have been used, to fine art standards. The main difficulty lies in what to choose.


The key to successful neon art lies in its durability. Just ask Tracey Emin or Jenny Holzer. That's why the Yellowpop difference lies in its bluechip client roster. From Facebook to Hilton hotels, Yellowpop has supplied neon to the most demanding of clients. That means, when it comes to your personal commission or selection of an artists' pieces, you can be sure that the craftsmanship is of the highest quality. That extends to the almost obsessive packaging that each piece is treated to, fully insured, of course.


Who couldn't love a company whose mission it is to put more light in our lives? One look at Yellowpop's custom configurator will have you playing with options all day, before before selecting one – or more – custom pieces to brighten up your home. The key is that Yellowpop has a real depth of credibility whether you're choosing the custom option or one of the selection of leading contemporary neon artists. What began as an ambitious start-up now has a global reach of both private and corporate clients. Embrace Yellowpop, we humbly suggest, and welcome in the light.

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