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Chamaedorea Terrarium



**Pikaplant only ship if the temperature is above 0°C during transport.**

Pikaplant Jar is a living houseplant that you never need to water. This Chamaedorea plant is sealed airtight inside an upside down Mason jar, creating an ecosphere. This means all of the water inside a Jar stays inside, and the plant continuously recycles the water it has. All you have to do is give this self-sustaining plant a nice place to live, and enjoy the view.

Chamaedorea elegans is a tropical plant indigenous to the rainforests of Mexico and Guatemala. Pika Plants's cultivars are bred in The Netherlands according to the highest standards for sustainable horticulture. They are grown by Jogrow, a world-class indoor plant grower certified with the MPS-A certification.

Sometimes it is good to just kick back and relax. Enjoy a bit of paradise with these miniature palm trees, even when you’re not vacationing on a tropical island. With Jar Chamaedorea, every day is as carefree as a summer holiday.

Pikaplant Jar is Pika Plants's interpretation of a bottle garden or sealed terrarium. Pika Plants has hand picked each seedling, and before Pika Plants encloses the plants in a jar Pika Plants gives them the resources they need to create a well-balanced miniature ecosystem.

The original Pikaplant Jar Chamaedorea prototypes have been flourishing happily for over 20 months without opening. The lifespan of individual plants will vary, but if your Chamaedorea plant deteriorates within three months Pika Plants will replace it under warranty.


3 months


Glass, Steel, Rubber, Chamaedorea elegans plants included

Size Guide

WEIGHT: 2 kg

DIMENSIONS: 17 x 17 x 28 cm

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  • Pikaplant
    • ESTABLISHED 2014
    • FOUNDERS Daniel Sutjahjo & Joost van Uden
    • ORIGIN Amsterdam
    • KNOWN FOR Making Plant-Keeping Easy
  • Pikaplant believe that looking after house plants should be so easy that anyone can do it, which is why their unique range of products mimic nature to water your plants, so you don’t have to.

  • Founded by industrial design engineers Daniel Sutjahjo and Joost van Uden, the Dutch label’s intuitive designs are critically acclaimed, having previously been named Best of both Dutch and Milan Design Week as well as Best of Kickstarter.