It's unusual for a company specialising in accessories to suggest that "you don’t need yet another shiny object". But then Brooklyn-based Craighill is not just any company. Their philosophy is that each piece they release will be yours for life, whether it's a minimalist desk knife, the ultimate vegetable peeler or an intriguing puzzle.

Craighill was founded in 2015 by designer Hunter Craighill, who says that he wants everything in a tightly edited yet diverse range of pieces to "ignite a sense of wonder", as he puts it. "Long-term," he's told interviewers, "we want to increase people’s understanding of how the objects in their life are made, and why they were designed the way they were — ultimately making those objects less emotionally disposable."

The key for all designs is that they must pass an essential test, so that they must be as Craighill puts it, "tactile objects designed for your enjoyment". Each prototype lands for first consideration on Hunter Craighill's desk, if indeed he hasn't designed it himself. Make no mistake, this is a hands-on operation where designers are front and central. Timelessness is key. Mere fashion doesn't get a look in.

Some of the most sought after Craighill pieces are in their "Deskscape" range, so that the place where you spend so much of your time will benefit from objects that in Craighill's words "inspire and elevate" your everyday working life. This could be anything from a pair of barely-there bookends, designed in collaboration with an up-and-coming design studio in North Carolina, to a deskpad crafted in a Parisian workshop.

Craighill makes sure extensively to tell the story behind even the apparently simplest piece, so that your investment in original design becomes one to savour. Take that minimalist desk knife: it's inspired by a Japanese kiridashi knife to allow for ease of use, easy sharpening and — above all — to enhance the joy of a subtle form-follows-function design. Inspiring a sense of wonder: done.

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