The Bottle Club has a mission: to take you on new, adventurous drinking journeys. While the best of the well-known brands are always available, The Bottle Club's speciality is "new favourites, flavours and ideas". It's a bit like having a trusted friend who's happy to serve your usual - while also introducing a startling new drink or boutique brand that's likely to become a future favourite.

It all began in 2014 as Wine Mill, with a reimagining as The Bottle Club four years later when the family-run Millennium Group, which owns The Bottle Club, realised the potential for showcasing new, artisanal producers of, in particular, spirits. From limited-production whiskies to flavoured vodkas, these now form the bulk of the almost limitless range available from The Bottle Club. Keg beers are a key part of the offering, too.

If you're looking for a 40 year old whisky costing more than £4,000 this is the place to come. But these spirits-as-artworks rub shoulders with the more everyday pricing of young brands eager to find their way into your tastebuds and liquor cabinets. It's not so much a matter of impressing your friends, as adding a new flavour to your evening tipple. 

Artisanal gins have been a big story in recent years, and The Bottle Club has selected the best of the best, from Yorkshire to Kyoto and back. Champagnes remain a central speciality, too. Tequila, rum, cognac and brandy and other spirits all benefit from The Bottle Club's meticulous find-the-finest and showcase-the-new approach.

The Bottle Club hasn't forgotten the increasing number of non-alcohol or low-alcohol drinkers, with an expanding range of both spirits and beers with low or no alcohol. Spirits celebrate botanical ingredients without the alcohol. Boutique brands are again to the fore, with the best of the established names also available. As The Bottle Club notes, "the days of designated drivers begrudgingly sipping boring, sugar filled soft drinks are well and truly being drawn to a close".

The Bottle Club is a sophisticated one-stop shop, whatever your tastes. Cocktail hour, here we come.

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