We all need home essentials to organise our lives. Ordinary stuff like shelves and coat racks. UTIL is the boutique Portuguese brand who believe that these apparently ordinary pieces should be extraordinary, painstakingly designed to last and easily to blend into our ever-changing lives.

Lisbon residents Manuel Amaral Netto and Tomás Carvalhas founded UTIL to create furniture that, as they put it, "blends in, rather than stands out, and is intentionally designed to be helpful and subtle". Simplicity of design and use is key. There is a quiet delight in each of their pieces. This isn't furniture as fashion, it's furniture as function.

UTIL translates from the Portuguese as "useful” and this is the key for these unlikely form-follows-function revolutionaries. The style here comes very much from what the pieces are designed to do. Collections focus on providing for storage needs in increasingly space-challenged urban apartments. These key utility items shouldn't be afterthoughts. For Util, they're designed for your lifetime.

UTIL's curiosity on how we live - how we really live, that is - feeds directly into this young brand's perfectly judged range of objects. Shelves - whether free-standing or wall-mounted - are key, while the Basso trolley delightfully combines the essence of an Italian bar cart with the notion that it's also great for magazines. So useful we want one already.

Rethinking the obvious is at the heart of everything that UTIL do.  A simple coat rack becomes a small piece of usable sculpture that will enhance your life with its timeless presence, along with its essential function of organising coats and hats. This is the UTIL way: to design and craft products that once a part of your life become indispensable.

Nothing here is disposable. Everything is designed in Lisbon, and made a short distance away in the UTIL studios. There is care and craftsmanship in every product, and that will only add to its enduring value in your home. A very rare blend of the useful and the effortlessly stylish.

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