Since Tappan's inception in 2012, the Los Angeles-based art collective has cemented itself as a go-to for contemporary art lovers looking to discover emerging talent. From minimalist to abstract styles; paintings to textiles – Tappan plays host to a huge array of expertly curated artworks, all while supporting up-and-coming artists.

Whether you're looking to start investing in art or simply want to bring your walls to life, Tappan is a great place to start. Scroll on for ten new artworks that have recently landed on the site, all available for purchase through OPUMO now.

Art Store Texas by James Needham

Photographer James Needham captured this shot while travelling through Texas. Simple yet impactful, it begs questions about the state of modern art and its role in society.

UFO by James Needham

UFO was taken as part of James Needham's 'States of Colour' series, which chronicles Needham’s continual search for line, shape, and colour. The series took him to quiet and deserted corners of the US. “I wanted to keep these places peaceful and calm but with an unmistakable element of joy," he says.

Air by Bella McGoldrick

Australian artist Bella McGoldrick creates hyperrealistic drawings that bring everyday objects – such as these Nike Air Jordan 1 sneakers – to life. This limited edition print is the perfect piece for any sneaker enthusiast.

Single Serving by Bella McGoldrick

'Single Serving' is part of a continued series of tickets, old packets and mantlepiece finds that Bella McGoldrick encountered on a road trip across the US. By bringing them to life through photorealism, she endeavours to highlight the beauty in mundanity.

Art History by Laura Burke

Using soft, warm palettes, Brooklyn-based artist Laura Burke depicts subtly psychedelic and surreal still-life scenes. In 'Art History' she draws on distant memories and her fascination with art history to conjure up feelings of nostalgia and quiet moments.

Precious Cargo by Laura Burke

Using thick swatches of coloured pencil, Laura Burke has created this surrealist still life that succeeds in pulling the viewer into another dimension or world.

Jet Ski by Jan Prengel

German photographer Jan Prengel creates candid images that encourage the viewer to reimagine a city or space. With its bold composition and striking monochromatic palette, 'Jet Ski' is guaranteed to bring life to your interiors.

Fiji Palm by Isaac Zoller

Transport yourself to warmer climes with this powerful photograph by Laguna Beach-based photographer Isaac Zoller. “Landscapes will always be important, they can be looked at by different generations and still be relevant as beauty or art, or representative of a place – what it is or what it used to be,” he says.

Jason Madison 2 by Jaimie Milner

Through her series 'Gifted', Los Angeles-based photographer Jaimie Milner aims to bring about change in the way that the men around her are perceived, so that the viewer sees these men as Milner sees them, in contrast to media portrayals and stereotypes.

Dustin Warren by Jaimie Milner

This limited edition photograph by Jaimie Milner is part of her 'Gifted' series. The intimate nature of the portrait is bound to make an impact in any interior.

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