Aristotle famously said that ‘pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work’, which roughly equates to the modern equivalent of ‘mixing work with pleasure’. That said, there is only a lucky few who have the chance to combine passion with work and Slovenian photographer Anze Østerman is someone who can consider himself part of a 'lucky' few. Screen-Shot-2016-07-08-at-16.36.19 Screen-Shot-2016-07-08-at-16.38.22 Screen-Shot-2016-07-08-at-16.36.40 In a self-proclaimed ‘note to self’ on Instagram, the 25-year-old vouched to ‘run away and see the world’- and his subsequent adventures have been published across his profile @anzeosterman. By focusing on capturing people in their natural environment, Osterman manages to create a strong visual identity that extends above his relatively young years as a photographer. Inspired by the relationship between man and his environment, Osterman documents this sphere through a special blend of documentary and lifestyle photography. Capturing his friends, skateboarders and extremists in the middle of idyllic mountain massifs of Eastern Europe. Screen-Shot-2016-07-08-at-16.37.03 Screen-Shot-2016-07-08-at-16.36.52 The contrast between the imposing mountains and the intricate details of the 'boarders' body movements make for a clear comparison that illustrates not only the beauty of the landscape but the skill and proficiency as Osterman as a photographer. Take a closer look at a few of our favourites from Osterman’s ongoing collection and be sure to follow him on Instagram, @anzeosterman.