The 1960’s is often looked back on through rose tinted glasses, or those of you that are young enough; viewed with a tinge of envy that you were not there to experience it. The reasons for that are endless as it represents a decade of innovation and excitement. And that special 60’s charm and elegance is perfectly represented in this 1965 Lancia Flaminia Convertible.

Currently listed for sale with Weekend Heroes, this fully restored Lancia exists as just one of 180 ever built – a figure that serves to extend the appeal of this classic Lancia even further.

The name ‘Flaminia’ derives from Via Flaminia, the road leading from Rome to Rimini and it was this very model that established the Lancia tradition of naming individual motors after Roman roads. This particular top of the line 2800 3C Version boasts a healthy 150hp, which highlights the outstanding condition of this Flaminia. As it also features a ‘Superleggera’ alloy body, V6 engine, disc brakes, De-Dion rear suspension and the iconic convertible roof. Complete in the pristine colour combination of blue Lancia with a vintage beige interior.

Take a closer look at the beautiful Lancia below and be sure to visit the Weekend Heroes website for further information.

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