World-renowned custom bike creators, Deus Ex Machina have unleashed the monstrous 1966 Plymouth Barracuda in a distinct step away from their preference of two-wheeled travel.

That said, the Barracuda still possesses the raw, imitable power and personality that all Deus Ex Machina creations boast. The brainchild of Matt Hart of Machina, who has previously turned heads with his bespoke Martini-striped SC custom, this Barracuda exudes a Hollywood appeal. The well executed, retro-inspired exterior takes on a rough retro-mod appearance which conceals an inner-devil- in the form of a 4-speed 480hp 273 engine.

Although entirely exclusive in its creation and concept, the Barracuda adopts an iconic status from the outset. The beautiful body and caramel and green paint scheme sits atop of semi-slick tires which make the model track ready as well as equally adept to run-around city streets.

If you needed an excuse to explore the enigmatic Plymouth Barracuda even further, check out the exclusive video here.