The introduction of the Lamborghini Miura in 1966 heralded the birth of the original super car; serving up an exceptional blend of performance and speed.

Alongside speed and performance, the Miura boasted extraordinary levels of design and technical innovation. The exclusive Bertone bodywork of the P400 S was curated by Marcello Gandini, while the Miura’s signature chassis was carefully tuned to provide excellent handling and control. The mid-engine design of the Miura proceeded to revolutionise the industry, as the only performance car of its kind in production. These illusive factors all combined to ensure the Miura remained at the centre of the super car conversation throughout the 1960, 70’s and beyond.

In 1968, the Miura received a host of upgrades to form the P400 S; with bare-metal headlight bezels installed in place of ‘eyelashes’, alongside a chrome-plated exterior window trim, high-quality interior furnishings and the added luxury of air conditioning. All concealed under the original Bertone design; as this 1971 Lamborghini Miura P400 S delightfully displays.

Rolling up to auction via RM Sotheby’s iconic Arizona series on the 28th – 29th January 2016, this specific Miura exists as just one of 388 models ever built. Originally finished in Bianco, the Miura S boasts a rather illustrious history, previously owned by Isao Noritake of Aichi, Japan- the founder and Chairman of the Japanese Lamborghini Owner’s Club.

Mr. Noritake retained the original features of the car, namely refining the original Bianco exterior, before keeping the model in his own private museum, reserved for services and maintenance for the next 32 years. Consequently, with the exception of a few cosmetic repairs, the P400 S remains in the same condition as it was when it left the factory in 1971.

One of the lowest-mileage Miura’s in existence, the Lamborghini Miura S presents an outstanding opportunity for its next proprietor to own an outstanding piece of motoring history. For further auction information, head to the RM Sotheby’s website.