Don’t let anyone tell you that a car is just a method of transport; for they are more than that. Your cars are held in the same esteem of your first house, pet or girlfriend as things that you will never forget. Things that act as defining moments in your life. For example, you can remember moments in time from what car you were driving in that instance. So it goes without saying that many great cars, and some average ones too, have a great history - and so many have a great story to match. This 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV, as you would expect, is one of those cars.

One of the last ten Miura’s to ever be produced, this Rosso with black leather interior edition has a more than colourful past. For one, the car was supplied new to Captain Arthur Mechin, a former RAF WWII pilot who was renowned in South Africa for being one of life’s eccentric characters. To put his eccentricity into perspective, Mechin was famed for his Sunday morning newspaper delivery flights through Rhodesia in ‘Faithful Annie’ –an aircraft left over from WWII that Mechin regularly handled over 158mph and at 7,000 ft.

Mechin cherished the Miura, alongside the car’s subsequent owner, before it was picked up by Curated. The expert American restorers then set about updating the Miura into a fully eligible and presentable model for concours events worldwide. After five months, the Miura SV was reborn and made its first appearance and unveiling at the second annual Miami Beach Concours.

In typical Curated style, the Miura was restored into its original condition as the first, and dare we say it, the finest super car of all-time. The Miura’s ground-breaking, sleek curved exterior captured the youthful, inventive spirit of the 1970’s and it can now be enjoyed again in the spectacular image gallery below.

Images courtesy of Curated.

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