Long-lasting memories and inspiring methods of design come to define a stellar vintage machine; which is precisely what makes this fully-restored 1974 BMW 2002 so special.

This BMW presents an exquisite blend of square lines, reliable German engineering and a fully modified interior. What is more, the 1974 edition has been painstakingly restored through Clarion Builds and their various partners, including the Los-Angeles-based Coupe King Motorworks.

“Clarion Builds was started with the mission of rekindling America’s love-affair with the automobile,” explain the Clarion team. “By building and restoring cars with an incredible story that have touched the lives of automotive enthusiasts around the world.”

The BMW concept is Clarion’s maiden build, and the proceeds of the auction, at the April sale of the iconic Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach event, will be donated to the TGen Foundation to support cancer research. Together with the perpetual appeal of the BMW 2002, Clarion look set to make more memories to last a lifetime.

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