Audi have made their name by majoring on the latest technology, often way ahead of the rest of the car market. Hence the company's long-standing slogan "Vorsprung durch Technik” which translates as "progress through technology".

By the 1990s, Audi was adding flair and panache to its range of already highly desirable technocratic machines. And what flair and panache Audi engineers came up with. Rally championships? Check. Unlikely speed from an estate car? Check. These 1990s Audis are now highly desirable and values are only increasing. We've found two real modern classics from Ingolstadt for you to choose from. For the perfect two-Audi garage, may we suggest acquiring both?

Audi RS2 Avant | £79,995 | Year: 1990 | Engine: 2,226 cc, turbocharged inline five, 315 bhp

This stealth supercar was the brainchild of then-Porsche chief executive Ferdinand Piech, who provided his own engineers to work with Audi on this project, the first Audi to wear the now-coveted RS badge. Aficionados like to point out that the RS2 Avant even wears some Porsche parts, such as wheels, brakes and even mirrors.

The Ragusa Green paintwork means that you can easily meld into the traffic without raising any eyebrows after you've loaded up the RS2 on those trips to the allotment. It's on the open road though that this estate car really shows its Porsche-sharpened teeth. Audi's inline five cylinder was fettled to make 315 bhp, drive is through Audi's then-new Quattro four-wheel-drive system and top speed is a startling 158 mph. Even more startling: the 0 - 30 mph time of 1.5 seconds beat that of the McLaren F1, the most desirable supercar of the day.

This example is one of just 180 right-hand-drive models made, with each car taken from Audi's production line for finishing at Porsche. Inside, there is little clue as to all of this hard work. The look is very low-key 1990s Audi, with black leather seats setting off an all-black finish. A red RS stripe to the steering wheel is as flashy as it gets. Stealth comes no more stealthy than this. What’s more this RS2 has a substantial service history and is one of just 49 left on British roads. Buy now, fill with flatpack furniture and make a fast getaway.

Audi Quattro 20V RR | £74,995 | Year: 1990 | Engine: 2,226 cc, turbocharged inline five, 220 bhp

The original Quattro was the car that won Audi multiple world rally championships and in so doing transformed the car world's relationship with four-wheel-drive. Production machines reached their apogee with this, the RR Quattro, which can trace a direct line back to those rally champions. Top speed is a more than adequate 143 mph with 60 mph coming up in just 6.5 seconds.

This superbly presented Tornado Red example comes complete with two bulging history files. It's one of just 295 right-hand-drive Quattro RR's made, in part by hand, on a dedicated Audi production line. Nothing was spared in ensuring this was the world's finest four seater, four wheel drive coupe. Blistered wheel arches front and rear echo the purposeful style of the original rally car, as does the Audi four-ring logo to the lower edge of each door. The squared-off style and rectangular headline arrays are typical hallmarks of 1990s Audi design.

Inside, Audi provided its drivers with the finest technology of the day with a full digital dashboard, one of the first to go into production. Fabric seat inserts between cosseting leather bolsters feature the unique Quattro logo. For added authenticity, the original Audi Gamma FM Radio and cassette player is present and correct. Don't expect anything more in the way of extrovert accessories because that's not the Audi way. Just get in, start up, put your foot down and wait for that rally-bred acceleration. A winner on the muddiest track or the swiftest trans-Continental journey.

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