Price: £84,995 | Year: 1991 | Engine: 3600 cc Flat Six 247 bhp

The Cobalt Blue Metallic paint is factory fresh. Inside, the grey leatherette seats show barely any wear. Open the engine cover to the rear and the Porsche's flat six is sparkling. This 911 964 C2 may be almost 30 years old, but a pampered existence means that this modern classic presents as almost brand new.

The secret is a long period of hibernation. It’s detailed in a full and complete history, always essential on any serious classic car buy. Between first registration in April 1992 and 2009, the 911 led a cosseted life, always fully serviced and covering a total of just 20,517 miles. That's when its third owner placed the 911 into heat-controlled storage in a Carcoon, from which it has only now emerged, eager and ready for its next adventure.

That exterior Cobalt Blue Metallic finish was to special order, making the 911 something of a rarity on the roads. After 22 years tucked away, the 911's body is all original and it's just had a comprehensive service. The 16" Porsche alloys are unscuffed. Inside, everything from the blue carpets to the Porsche-branded CD player is very much as it left the factory, evidence of how cherished this Porsche has been.

The 964 model of 911 introduced the marque's Tiptronic automatic transmission for the first time. This example however retains the five speed manual gearbox, much preferred by enthusiasts. The gear lever is enveloped in the grey leatherette of the rest of the interior, as was very much the fashion in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The near-Concours condition flat six engine, mounted aft of the rear wheels as always with 911s, is naturally aspirated, which for purists adds to the Porsche's value. Having covered just over 20,000 miles, the engine is by Porsche standards barely run in and of course comes complete with the trademark 911 yowl. The 247 bhp it produces may sound puny by today's standards, but the Porsche's new keeper will find the 911’s power more than adequate for Sunday morning blasts on a favourite B-road. 

There is no doubt this 911 964 C2 is special. That means there's every possibility that the Porsche will be bought by a collector and returned to storage. What it needs, however, is to be driven: far and fast and often. A unique find.

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