The illusive aura of a Range Rover evokes a subtle sophistication.

No Range Rover is so quintessentially special, however, than this 1995 Range Rover Classic County, which rolls up to auction this month, boasting both a rarity and an appealing aesthetic like no other.

After a complete restoration, this 1995 edition offered by Ardor Auctions is quite an exceptional vehicle given the fact it is an end of the series motor. The previous owner decided to dissemble the vehicle and rebuild it from scratch from entirely original parts, which gives this special edition a completely unique make-up.

Despite its current stature, the Range Rover was not considered a luxury vehicle in its conception. Despite being a more expensive option to other Land Rover models, the Range still boasted a no nonsense, rough interior with plastic dashboard and vinyl seats. It was not until the late 1980’s where the Range Rover consolidated its reputation as a luxury sports car. Exemplified with this updated Classic County created in 1995.

Entirely renovated throughout, this particular edition showcases a simplistically stylish white exterior with contemporary interior furnishings. Which combine to create one of the finest examples of a classic Range Rover in existence.

It could all be yours, as it is currently up for auction for the Ardor Auctions in Poland, and available for bids via online auction now.

For a Land Rover novice, lover or devotee, the 1995 Range Rover presents an unmissable opportunity to own one of the rarest, and finest motors in modern manufacturing.