They say our cars say a lot about us. If so inherently true, the 2011 BMW 328 Hommage will do all the talking for you.

Unveiled to mark the 75th birthday of the iconic BMW 328 racing car, the rekindled BMW 328 Hommage is a modernised model that transforms the original principles in to a characterful, contemporary concept car.

Originally conceived in the 1930’s, the first BMW 328 was a stellar feat of engineering and aesthetics. Renowned for being the most successful and best-looking sports car of the era, the BMW’s success was built on exemplary design, systematic lightweight construction, aerodynamic lines, optimum engine types and remarkable suspension technology.

A marked departure from the raw, muscle-inspired BMW 328 model seen alongside the commemorative 328, this classic conception was designed in the spirit of the original and updated through the implementation of modern materials. Carbon fibre was installed across the exterior for a premium, lightweight finish while the interior received a leather upholstery makeover with a sprinkling of aluminium detailing adding a refined, contemporary feel.

The ideal car to run through tracks and the open road; the BMW 328 Hommage is the perfect tribute to a car engraved as a milestone in the history of the automobile.