No wardrobe is complete without truly great shoes. They've always come at a price, until now. When you're looking for individually crafted, high-end footwear without the accompanying high-end pricing, 3DM Lifestyle have the hand-crafted answer: a range of more than a dozen classic styles of shoes made for a lifetime, made with an uncompromising attitude to quality. It's like having your own personal shoemaker.

Whether it's a pair of deceptively simple classic loafers - available in a range of leathers, styles and colours - essential, form-follows-function Oxford lace-ups, or more extroverted brogues, 3DM Lifestyle have the key gentlemen's styles covered.

The key 3DM Lifestyle difference is the combination of uncompromising quality and - given that this is premium footwear - unexpected value. "Our focus," says the company, "has been on creating very stylish, high-quality products produced in our own footwear factory in India and selling them internationally and directly to our customers.” Cutting out the middleman? Done.

Dhruv Bhalla founded 3DM Lifestyle in 2013 after a childhood in India obsessed with creating the right sort of footwear that would complement the premium clothing crafted at his parents' garment factory. No look, the young Bhalla realised, could be properly realised without the right shoes. What became an almost obsessive journey had begun.

He learned the art of shoemaking first hand before, eventually, founding his own company with its own factory. What is now 3DM Lifestyle was born. There was no need, Druv Bhalla realised, for the high profit margins that drove the equally high prices of the established premium brands.

"There are plenty of brands out there," the company says now, "that produce mediocre-quality footwear with retail price points upwards of $500; we didn't want to be another one of those brands." For 3DM Lifestyle it isn't just the affordability that's built in, it's the unstinting focus on quality too.

This is footwear designed to last for a lifetime. The only part of the hand-crafted journey that's been cut here is the price. 3DM Lifestyle's success, driven largely by word of mouth rather than expensive advertising, is proof positive of the impact of their products. Great for both your wardrobe and your wallet.

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