The bedroom is the modern day sanctuary. With life moving faster than ever and the outside world off limits for the foreseeable future, we all need somewhere that time seems to stand still, in the best way. Where better for this feeling of calm timelessness than the bedroom? It's the place where we are our most calm and often our happiest, so we’ve put together a few ideas on how to make the bedroom your centre of calm.

Calmer Bedroom

Find the light and keep things simple

Bedroom lighting isn't about experimentation, it's about creating different breakout zones for the different areas of the bedroom. You'll need a suitable bedside lamp for reading or the final moments before you settle down to bed, a minimal pendant light for dressing and nighttime routines and a central ceiling fixture for the last lighting resort. But, if you're looking to find a light to create a more relaxing environment then we recommend the FLOS Cone String Pendant.

The sculpted suspension pendant provides a diffused light that contrasts expertly against the matte black aluminium body. Best of all, the suspension system can be adjusted to suit you and it also has an on-off dimmer that can be operated by the means of a Bluetooth remote control application that can be installed onto any smartphone. So, when it's time to relax, you can turn the lights down low enough to take the edge off, without even having to leave the bed.

Calmer Bedroom

De-clutter & minimise the overall aesthetic

One of the most important general rules of creating a calm space is to minimise everything. Let's be honest, there's no way you can properly relax in a busy or messy room. It's easy to declutter without it being a chore or being ruthless. If you do nothing else, declutter your walls by changing the style of your small home accessories. That doesn't mean your bedroom needs to be stark or without personality - just drop in a few small touches of colour and pattern to add personality and interest - the items that give you a little pick-me-up as soon as you see them.

We recommend Menu's White Marble Wall Clock as a good place to start. Not only does the unmarked face promote a less strict view of time, it's open and clean. Looking for some accompanying pieces of homeware? Hang Peytil's Portofino Print next to your new Menu clock for harmonious minimalism. As well as that, Menu's Polished Brass / Clear Stem Vase has a minimal structure, ideal for holding a small bunch of flowers or a long-stemmed plant.


Love your bed and invest in good bed sheets

One indisputable ingredient to a good night's sleep is bedding. It seems so simple to say, and we're sure you already love your bed, but treat it like you do. Piglet's Sage Green Basic Bundle is the next present your bed desires and deserves. The age of linen bedding is truly revived – warm in the cold and breathable when it's too hot, these luxury linen sheets will ensure some of the best nights' sleep you've ever had.

What's more, the most relaxing bedrooms are decorated in cool colours that bring to mind a peaceful day near calm waters. You can instigate this transition to a more relaxing night by looking to neutral coloured sheets. All of the bedding stocked at OPUMO offers interesting yet understated patterns that lend texture to the room without shouting for attention.

Calmer Bedroom

Calmer Bedroom

Relax with music

When you soothe your senses, your body and mind relax as well. So, bring in a high-quality home speaker, one that can bring new sensory experiences into your bedroom, and you'll soon feel the benefits of a peaceful environment. With 24 hours play time and wireless connectivity you needn't worry about the clutter of wires while you experience the premium sound quality of Bang & Olufsen. The Bang & Olufsen Natural Beolit 17 Portable Speaker is small, discreet and incredibly powerful which means it strikes the perfect balance of usability, high-quality sound and understated aesthetics. The type of bluetooth home speaker that contributes to the tranquility of the room instead of detracting from it.

Calmer Bedroom

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