Given that we spend so much of our lives at our desks, it stands to reason that they become portals into our personalities. Look around you right now and what do you see. That desk tidy has been sitting there for a little bit too long now. So has the pile of papers that you claim to be carefully arranged in your own unique filing system.

Whether it is a family shrine, a minimalist workspace or a health-and-safety-incident-in-waiting, the way you arrange your desk says a lot about you. So isn’t it about time to say something different? Check out the latest releases from Beyond Object, Hem and 22 Design to find out how these extra-special desk accessories can help you to find a better balance in your workspace.

Beyond Object Silver Lino Letter Knife

Now desks are almost exclusively digital, you might wonder why you still need to be buying pens, tape dispensers, rulers and so on. But, by making these things a little less essential it has turned them into little luxuries. The sort of things you use because they’re enjoyable to use, not because you need to. Take this Letter Knife, for example. The Beyond Object Lino knife has been reduced into merely its outline and it draws a three-dimensional shape to create a void structure that fulfils the purpose of a proper letter knife.

Kristina Dam Desk Sculptures

Forget those small basketball sets and stress balls that you buy in the vain hope of entertainment at your desk, they soon lose their novelty. These Desk Sculptures from Kristina Dam are the ideal source of everyday inspiration as you can rearrange and use every day. The set comes with a round paperweight in stoneware, a square bookend in marble, a wooden cone and an arc in brass. You can use the items alone or set them up as a small collection of sculptures. Use them as your weekday desk meditation – or as a small collection in your living room.

Desk Accessories 1

Beyond Object Funno Paper Weight

London-based design studio Beyond Object works in the estuary where design ends and art begins. At first glance you might find yourself a bit lost seeing the Beyond Object collection, wondering what the objects are actually made for. But it won’t take long until you figure it out, and the moment of surprise reveals the true essence of the brand’s design. Plus, that level of illusion is what has made the Funno Paper Weight so popular for so long.

That’s because the Funno is not just a paperweight, it’s also a pencil sharpener. Expertly machined from a solid block of metal and hand polished with a mirror finish in various colours. The mysterious appearance naturally invites you to touch and interact with the item, which basically means it will help pass the time when those inevitable moments of boredom strike.

Hem Anthracite Grey Landmarks Bookend

Hem, the independent Danish design studio believes that ‘every product has a story,’ and within this instance, this Landmarks Bookend has a fairly special story. Subtle in colour but crisp and conceptual in form, Klemens Schillinger’s Landmarks collection evokes a certain understated charm – which is seemingly a million miles away from what bookends are perceived to be. Ultimately, Hem offset the footprint of all bookends that come before it and they are perfect for those who like function to rule style and those who want keep their books in check, of course.

Desk Accessories 3

Desk Accessories 4

22 Design Tape Dispenser

The latest desk accessories from 22 Design Studio extend the basic form of geometric design through bringing to life the dynamics of steel and concrete. The all-new concrete collection – which includes watches, stationery, accessories and wall clocks – proves the old adage that ‘accessible design is good design,’ as the forward-thinking creations are as resolute and uncompromising as the materials from which they are made. The Tape Dispenser – with its inventive geometric design – is the one desk accessory that represents the brand most succinctly. So does the 22 Design Merge Pen Holder that uses three cylinders of different materials and sizes to offer a contemporary and flexible way to organise pens and pencils.

Desk Accessories 5

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