Its hard to believe that anyone - even those who are proud morning people - finds it easy to wake up. We don't fancy going in-depth on the correlation between wake up times, quality of sleep and how successful you day goes, nor can we do anything about the fact that you have to pull yourself out of bed each and every day, but we can help out with the way you wake up. Over the years, many of us have got accustomed to setting our alarms on our smartphone, but despite their bad reputation, alarm clocks are something to be desired again. From coffee-making alarm clocks to timepieces that will upgrade your bedside table, we've rounded up 5 of the best alarm clocks that will make your morning that little bit easier.

Menu Norm Tumbler Alarm Clock

Insomnia and bad sleep has long been linked to bringing your smart phone to bed and that's why its become so easy to use your phone as a daily alarm. Danish design powerhouse Menu decided to create something that gives you a reason to break that habit and they've come up with the Tumbler Alarm Clock. Created in collaboration with Norm Architects, the Tumbler Alarm Clock is a playful adaptation of the classic bedside clock. Beyond its characterful spherical shape, the best thing about this clock is that you simply turn it upside down to stop it ringing. No more squinting while you reach for a phone screen.

Alarm Clock

Barisieur Black Coffee Alarm Clock

When it comes to alarm clocks, few can really match up with Barisieur’s masterpiece. The ideal wake up for coffee lovers, all you do is set a time and you’ll be waking up to the smell of a fresh black coffee of your choice. Not only is this alarm clock a pretty ground-breaking idea, but it looks amazing too with its stainless steel components and glassware that sits on a slim walnut timber tray. A good morning guaranteed. 

Alarm Clocks

Alarm Clocks

Leff Amsterdam Steel / White Block Alarm Clock

Leff Amsterdam was founded when brothers Arno and Dennis Ruijzenaars and designer Erwin Termaat grew tired of boring ‘basics’. They set about to redesign the basics with a touch of class, looking to retro-tinged, minimalist design as an inspiration. Leff Amsterdam’s Block Alarm Clock encapsulates exactly that. The minimal, clear face is easy to read and is housed inside a cubic steel box. The design is simple, but with a lot of surprising details. At night the fluorescent hands will become visible and the whole dial can be lit up by pushing the snooze button on top.

Tivoli Audio Black PAL+ Bluetooth Speaker

Killing two birds with one stone, Tivoli incorporate an alarm function into their award-winning bluetooth speaker. The small speaker emits stunning sound quality, and you can play almost anything you want (probably not vinyl) thanks to bluetooth, auxiliary input, and DAB/DAB+/FM RDS digital tuner. To top it all off, the speaker is weatherproof so you can wake up and take it with you. It's one of the best compact portable audio devices available.

Alarm Clocks

Ruark Audio Soft White R2 Music Steaming System

This compact radio does it all. With more than 30 years of audio experience, Ruark Audio know how to make the highest quality speakers. Plug your devices in using the auxiliary input, connect by bluetooth or if you’d rather use the speaker as a standalone device you can access your Spotify premium account using the speaker. Our favourite feature of this machine is its ‘loudness’ function which gives you enhanced sound at low volumes, perfect for a soothing wake up call.

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