Located in tropical Singapore, 9 Leedon Park, the latest inception from ipli architects, is contemporary living personified.

Created as a concrete monolith, the formation of the build pays homage to the typology of a pitch roof house in the tropics; simple, singular and exceptional in its expression.

Designed and executed to the astute details of the client, a concrete supplier, the house was constructed around the material close to his heart; showcasing the aesthetic beauty of an unblemished concrete exterior.

A single homogenous thin concrete shell structure separates 9 Leedon Park from alternative concrete builds, with the same material manifesting itself across various finishes throughout the house.

Eloquently displayed with polished black concrete floors throughout the interior, the bathroom floor takes on a different black concrete shade while the exterior walls are left in an appeasing off-white, lightweight insulating concrete. Down to the very last detail, the distinguished brief has been executed with great aplomb, as even the driveway and exterior water feature are refined in a bush-hammered concrete.

Practical elements of the concrete exude also; as the walls are designed to be passively cooled and naturally lit while the interior walls insulate against the tropical heat and scorching sunlight.

The finishing touches see a centrepiece water fall trickle down the main concrete wall, cooling it further, while all walls are left in their natural finish to age naturally with time.

9 Leedon Park; proving that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.