Words by Alek Rose

Scandinavian design focuses on the basics. Why complicate things when the basics work so well? A Day’s March, founded by Marcus Gårdö, Pelle Lundquist & Stefan Pagreus in 2014 have wasted no time in perfecting the basics. Each season, the trio deliver a collection packed full of classic shapes and garments made of great materials, which is exactly what we want. Their newest collection - which landed online this week - is no exception. If you’re looking for a 2020 revamp of the wardrobe, look no further, let A Day’s March set the foundations.

A Day's March

A Day’s March Sand Checked Twill Patch Pocket Overshirt

If you like the idea of versatility but you’d rather go for something a little lighter, take a look at the twill overshirt. The heavy cotton twill fabric is incredibly durable but better suited to the warmer months thanks to its vintage oversized check design. 

A Day’s March Off White Original Overshirt

Off white is a great way to liven up an outfit without deviating from a neutral colour palette. Another great aspect of off white is that the colour works harmoniously with a pair of indigo selvedge jeans, which is how we recommend you wear this piece. The versatile A Day's March overshirt can be worn over a simple Oxford shirt or a t-shirt, depending on where your plans are taking you. What’s more, the overshirt is made of a sturdy wool fabric so you’ll be warm with it too. 

A Day's March

A Day's March Almond Corduroy Original Overshirt

With its heavy corduroy construction, patch utility pockets, and beautifully understated almond colour hue, this A Day's March overshirt from A Day's March is tailor-made for fans of workwear. Which is why you can wear it with anything from heavy-duty denim to a pair of Diemme sneakers.

A Day’s March Black Blue Wool Teddy Zip Up Overshirt

Playing on the same shape as the two previous selections the Wool Teddy Overshirt features a zip closure rather than buttons, making it more of a lightweight jacket. The dark colour means you can feasibly wear this jacket formally too, but it looks just as good with a hoody underneath if you decide to dress it down.

A Day's March

A Day's March

A Day’s March Djon Sturdy Fleeceback Sweater

The luxurious fleeceback material used for this piece will make it your go-to sweater for the remainder of winter. The thick fabric will take time to soften up and mould to your body, which means it will age gracefully and gain character over time. But it's the finishing details - the minimalist neckline, cuffs and hem - that really set it apart from other crewneck sweaters. 

A Day’s March Navy Dyed Oxford Shirt

Every man needs a basic navy Oxford shirt. This isn’t just any navy though, the process of garment dying lends garment dyed products a deep, authentic colour that stands out. The button down collar means, once again, that this shirt is versatile and can easily be styled to suit more formal occasions, and vice versa. The 100% cotton construction is top quality, this shirt is made to last.

A Day's March

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