The Aarke Carbonator has swiftly become one of OPUMO’s most popular products. Between its minimal Swedish design and its effectiveness, the Carbonator II is the ideal kitchen appliance. With one pull of the lever you can create your own carbonated drinks and it doesn’t have to be water, get hold of some syrups for complete fizzy-drink freedom. There is, however, a problem with the Aarke Carbonator. We’re using it so much that we’ve run out of gas and it’s not a walk in the park to replace: the world of Co2 canisters is a niche one, rarely explored by the average person. Different sizes, attachments and grades mean that you need to know your stuff before getting back to your carbonation. Here’s a quick guide on how to refill your Aarke Carbonator.

Which Co2 canister do I need?

Aarke’s Carbonator II is compatible with gas cylinders approved for use with carbonators from all major brands worldwide excluding those in Australia and New Zealand. While other gas cylinders will work, they may damage the machine or cause a safety risk.

As for sizes, only canisters with a 60mm diameter will fit into your carbonator, look for canisters weighing 425g. A canister of this size will give your 60 litres of carbonated drinks and is cheaper to buy in bulk.

Degree of carbonation

We all have different tastes, some like a strong carbonated shock to the system while others favour a gentle tickle from their sparkling water. Pulling the lever of the Aarke Carbonator multiple times will yield fizzier results but you can conserve gas by only lifting the lever halfway between carbonation cycles. You’ll know you’ve hit the sweet spot when the buzzing sound quietens without relieving any pressure from the bottle.

Replacing the Aarke Carbonator gas cylinder

Replacing your gas cylinder is an easy job, but be careful to follow the steps correctly in order to keep your Aarke Carbonator in good condition:

  • Remove the spill tray and lay the carbonator on its side with the lever on the top side.
  • Undo the plastic seal from the cylinder top.
  • Insert the gas cylinder through the hole at the bottom. Do not drop the cylinder into the hole.
  • When you feel the canister reach the bottom, begin to screw it clockwise until it is fastened.
  • Don’t screw too much or you may break the threads that hold the cylinder in place.

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