They say ‘quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort’, and in the case of the latest project from French sculptor Laurent Craste, the old adage proves to be true.

Famed for this contemporary take on ceramics, the Montreal-based artist recreates his own version of common objects by adding an array of instrument disfigurements to distort and shape his unique artwork.

By seeing his materials as a bearer of symbols and social customs, Craste recreates classic porcelain models by altering their image, commenting on their purpose and remaining their form. In doing so, these formerly astute and elegant objects become twisted and unique works at the hands of the talented artist. By aiming to breathe new life into these objects, Craste gives a fun, albeit slanted state of existence to these previously overlooked objects of decoration.

Using knifes, axes and nails, Craste has presented the ‘Abuse’ ceramic collection in reaction to the ‘violence’ felt at the hands of the mentioned tools. However, instead of eradicating and breaking the pieces entirely, the instruments bend and yield to the external forces as if they were soft, delicate bodies.

Craste explains the series as “a deliberately caused accident” and those deliberate measures consequently change the appearances of the ceramics dramatically. However, in spite of being soiled, cracked, nailed, and defaced, the vases still remain recognisable although they now also feature a new and enchanting measure of quality because of their survival. In fact, the violence is controlled so specifically that the ‘Abuse’ series can prove yet another old adage; that “there is no such thing as accident; it is just fate misnamed.”

Take a look at our favourites in the Abuse series below and be sure to out the entire collection on Laurent Craste’s website.