Doing exercise can be a chore sometimes, and it’s not always easy to find the time in a busy schedule to cater to that side of life. One way to bring your exercise routine a few spots higher on your to-do list is by buying sports clothing that you look forward to putting on. Exercise gear has become a staple in wardrobes around the world - sweatpants, quarter-zip sweaters and long-sleeve jersey t-shirtsto the extent that many wear their gym clothes in everyday life - or at least the weekend.


So, you might be looking for new gym gear, you might be on the market for better kit or you might be thinking that now is the time to take sportswear a bit more seriously both in appearance and performance. If so, then you need to know AEANCE - the eco-sustainable, technical apparel brand who has wasted no time in becoming an international leader in exercise clothing innovation. 


The AEANCE Story

As materials, technology and sustainability continue to develop in the world of clothing production, it makes sense that there is a growing interest in clothes that support active, athletic use while looking good in the process. These advancements and practices are only part of what makes AEANCE so special.

The German-based brand - founded by Isabelle Baier and Arendt van Deyk - produces minimal activewear from premium materials including super-fine merino wool and several proprietary synthetics. The incredible illusion of simplicity - the clean lines, slim-fits and beautifully curated block colours - is matched by a supply chain that focusses on eco-sustainability and ethical responsibility.

Sounds good? Well, we've pulled together a shortlist of four key pieces from the brand-new AEANCE clothing collection to help you tackle any gym clothing dilemmas going forward.


The Short Sleeve T-Shirt: AEANCE Light Grey Short Sleeve Jersey

A woollen exercise jersey? Hear us out. Wool is actually one of the most versatile materials around, including modern developed materials. AEANCE have taken it one step further, blending non-mulesed New Zealand merino wool with nylon filament which adds strength and pilling resistance.

The Vest: AEANCE Dark Blue Padded Vest

Vests are a great way to keep warm without affecting your range of movement. By focussing on maintaining body heat, a vest leaves arms ready for action, unencumbered. The fabric used has been treated with Schoeller Ecorepel Bio DWR, meaning this vest is now water and dirt repellant. The finish is high tech and ecological, imitating the natural protection of plants.



The Performance Tights: AEANCE Black Long Tights

Wear them on their own or underneath your shorts as an insulating under layer. The high performance compression fabric is made in Italy from 100% recycled nylon and elastane yarns. Premium comfort is afforded by bonded seams, another sign of AEANCE emphasis on comfort and effectiveness.

The Jacket: AEANCE Adaptive Jacket

One of the problems of going for a run at this time of year is knowing whether to wear a jacket. It's not warm enough to go without one and it often gets too hot too soon for you to justify wearing one. The solution? The AEANCE Adaptive Jacket. Made of ultra-light, breathable 3-layer Schoeller-WB fabric from Switzerland with waterproof Bionic C_Change membrane technology. That’s a lot to take in, but basically this jacket is ready for any weather conditions, helping you adapt to them and keep chugging away, hitting your destination in record time. Grab all of this technology in light grey or opt for the yellow if you’re feeling brighter.


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