Sizing is such an important part of looking good and always has been. Tailoring would not be such a luxury if we all agreed that we didn’t really mind how things fit us. In that sense, even the best clothing in the world looks scruffy if it’s the wrong size, and it doesn’t always have to be a large size difference. Just one size out can turn your sharp look into a hand-me-down look and we can't have that. So why buy beautifully made, carefully designed clothing like AMI Paris if the sizing is wrong? It really defeats the point, so we’re here to help out with an AMI Paris size guide.

AMI trousers

AMI is famous for its archetypically French collection which, of course, includes a strong contingent of denim. While some AMI Paris denim is raw denim, we’re focusing on the label’s washed denim. If you do choose raw denim, remember to go for a size lower than you usually wear because unwashed denim will stretch to the right size in a short time.

Key piece

AMI Fit Jeans

AMI Paris AMI Fit Jeans fit completely true to size, so take your normal waist size. These regular-fit jeans are a safe bet when it comes to sizing. A straight leg rarely has anything to hide in terms of fit and the washed denim construction is easy to predict, too.

AMI Paris T-shirts

In true Parisian style, AMI Paris T-shirts are not made to fit tightly, instead they exude a sense of French nonchalance. That means that you can be a little more liberal with the sizing. If they don’t have your exact size, size down because of the boxy fit.

Key piece

Light T-Shirt

This boxy-fit T-shirt is a menswear staple and its lightweight construction makes it perfect for the lead up to summer.

Chest 20.5 21 22 23 23.5 24.5 25 26

AMI Paris hoodies and jumpers

Hoodies are a great way to bring a less-formal angle to an AMI Paris outfit. Opt for a typically Parisian style by wearing a hoodie over a shirt, or go full off-duty and embrace the relaxed aesthetic. Most AMI Paris hoodies and men’s crewneck sweatshirts are cut to a regular fit, so take your normal size. If the style is listed as an oversized fit, consider sizing down if you’re looking for a more classic feel.

Key piece

AMI De Coeur Hoodie

Keep it minimal in the AMI De Coeur Hoodie. As simple as they come, this grey cotton hoodie represents the luxury side of off-duty styling.

Chest 20 21 21.5 22 23 23.5
Back 24.5 25 25.5 26.5 27 28.5
Shoulder 18 19 19.5 20 21 21.5
Arm 20 20 21 21.5 21.5 22

AMI jackets

AMI Paris jackets take a staunchly traditional stance on style. There’s rarely anything flashy in their designs, just premium materials, components and craftsmanship. Accompany the classic styles with a classic fit – not oversized but also not closely tailored. After all, you’ll want to squeeze a shirt and jumper underneath too. 

Key piece

Buttoned Jacket

Between classic overshirt and transitional spring jacket, the Buttoned Jacket displays the mastery behind this label in its luxurious simplicity.

Chest 20.5 22 23 24.5
Back 24.25 25 25.25 25.75
Shoulder 17 18 19 19.5
Arm 19 19 19 19

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