The perfect world?

Once upon a time, in a zero-carbon emitting era, the entire world was fully sustainable, free of toxic waste. Reimagining those simpler times are Nemestudio; an architectural office that incorporates fine art amongst installations, buildings and urban landscapes.

Engaging with the environment to showcase new aesthetics and viewpoints of our surroundings, the Houston-based office focuses on projects that portray the contemporary issues surrounding urbanism- through intricately combining art and architecture.

Their latest project, titled ‘Museum of Lost Volumes’, sees the Nemestudio team create a sustainable world bereft of the planet’s limited supply of natural resources. The result questions the form and representation of the existing cityscape, environment and geography in elaborate collages.

The beautiful depictions are displayed in monochromatic form, illustrating a museum built to house the remaining rare earth mines around the world. Enchanting architectural collages capture real imagery from history books to exemplify the precarity of life amongst the ongoing environmental issues.

A refreshing and insightful outlook on the issues that face the careless consumerism of today’s world.