Amsterdam-based illustrator Leonie Bos re-creates forms of 20th century architecture through minimal and modernist prints.

With a touch of retrospective styling, the illustrations remain entirely simplistic, which adds to their allure. The linear shapes, outlined through the use of various primary colours, blend together to create versatile architectural structures alongside subtle elements of interior design.

The precision of Bos’ illustrations portray the delicate details of hand-drawn pictures, with the various 90 degree angles and the relationship with the blank space on the paper, enhancing their authenticity.

Taking inspiration from traditional printmaking, Bos’ digital images are created by layering semi-transparent colour areas to create new shapes, shades and tones. Formed on to off-white grain textured paper, with the textured identity of the paper creating the impression that the buildings have been printed on concrete.

Take a closer look at the illustrations below and visit Leonie Bos’ website for the full collection.