The world of art is a crowded and confusing place full of differing opinions and agendas, which can often hide the truth. This is especially true of contemporary art, which can be as confusing as it is intimidating. Art Fix changes all that. 

A new subscription-based learning platform, Art Fix’s monthly episodes cover all manner of modern art forms, from graffiti to sculptures, in a way that’s both engaging and easy to understand. Perfect for beginners and those with a firm grip on things, Art Fix is accessible and engaging. 

Each episode tackles a topic, coming at it from a range of perspectives and angles, giving the viewer a well-rounded view and a great base to form their own opinions. Making contemporary art easy to digest, every episode looks at the history of the respective art form, as well as key figures and those who pioneered it. 

The first episode, for example, looks at the beginnings of graffiti and street art in ancient times, before bringing things up to date with in-depth insights into Banksy, Vhils and JR. The narrative tells the story behind the artwork, with compelling visuals and intriguing facts that you likely won’t hear elsewhere.

For those wanting to gain greater insight into contemporary art, or if you just want a refresher, Art Fix is not to be missed. 

For more information on Art Fix, and to subscribe, click here.

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