If there was ever an advert needed to display the delights of city living, then the Art Penthouse by Pitsou Kedem will be sure to cast the leading role.

Overlooking the city of Tel Aviv, Israel, the penthouse stretches across both the 30th and 31st floor, which not only offers unparalleled views of the city, but also the ideal backdrop for a luxurious family home.

Designed by Pitsou Kedem Architects, one of the leading lights in Israeli innovation, the spacious home is spread across two levels with the relationship of space and light all centred around the core of the house, for a clean, balanced and sophisticated interior. Prompting the architects at Pitsou Kedem to describe the process of design through ‘four principle rings’; the enclosure of the core of the house, corridors of movement, interior spaces and the confinements of the building’s exterior.

The interior itself is intricately deployed with reference to the subtle touches of luxury and appreciation of space which take on a style of the 1950’s, underlining the design’s multi-functional qualities through astute architectural execution. Highlighted through the installation of an array of hidden storage sets within the clean panels of walls, which emphasises that the home has been designed like a gallery, a blank canvas, for the client’s collection of art, books and sculptures to take centre stage.

Refining the aesthetic is the urban landscape which remains in constant view courtesy of the sequence of windows on both levels and the private patio, which delightfully frame the picturesque surroundings.

Blending opulence and contemporary inner-city living, the Art Penthouse by Pitsou Kedem is one of the most polished interiors to ever catch the OPUMO eye. Take the full tour of the penthouse below.