Sat succinctly between olive, oleander and cypress trees lies the Art Warehouse by A31 Architecture- an idyllic artistic haven that exudes inspiration.

The 4,000 m2 plot situated in the ancient Greek district of Dilesi, in Delion, and created for renowned painter and sculptor Alexandros Liapis, is designed to incorporate a sculptural gallery with an open space suited to host art exhibitions.

Conceived around a basic approach of a simplistic structure, providing a blank canvas for interpretation, the appearance of the construction is refined with a minimalist design that sits befittingly with the spirit of the Greek landscape.

The newly crafted structure consists of a large concrete shell that exudes architectural minimalism as it interacts with the crown of the structure to create a modernist feel- with the intimate space of the artist house creating a cell like apperance.

The contemporary build is divided in to three areas; the overhanging balcony, the artist work space below and the attic that surveys over the whole space. The large, floating steps reach out from the side of one wall, leaving the imposing mezzanine attic space to be used for storage and a unique vantage point over the artist floor.

The double-height glass-fronted entrance framed by the vintage wooden door is related to the sun’s trajectory, and so the interior lighting and ventilation is ideally suited to the display of intricate artwork.

“The space created is open, friendly, solemn, and simple,” said architect Praxitelis Kondylis. “It forms part of the nature as if it has been standing there for ages.”

Exuding a timeless aura and a refined simplicity; the Art Warehouse by A31 Architecture is a studio quite like no other.