Artisan Lab was founded in 2019 by Riccardo Gismondi, who drew on ten years of experience working with luxury brands to finally launch something of his own. The crux of Artisan Lab is in its name. By partnering with selected Italian artisans at the top of their game, the label is able to produce limited runs of high quality Italian-made products – minimalist sneakers, high end tailoring and luxurious leather accessories – at affordable prices. Artisan Lab's meticulous manufacturing process entails scrupulous attention to detail, particularly when it comes to fit. Before you go filling your basket, we recommend reading our Artisan Lab sizing guide for everything you need to know about how the brand's footwear and tailored trousers fit.

Artisan Lab sneaker sizing

Because Artisan Lab sneakers are all hand stitched, it's important to note that their fit will differ slightly from standard, machine-made sneakers. The brand suggests opting for one size lower than your usual size. It uses the European sizing system, offering full sizes only, so if you're between sizes – say, a size 42.5 – you should take the next full size down, i.e. a size 42. Follow the size chart below to convert your UK or US size to European sizing.


Artisan Lab tailoring sizing

Artisan Lab's chinos are made in strict accordance with the tailoring tradition, which enables finding the perfect fit by predisposing the trousers to easy alteration in the critical points. While the design is given, your personal fit is determined by body frame, posture and personal taste.

The best way to find your perfect pair of Artisan Lab trousers is to measure your best fitting pair of chinos and compare those measurements with the size chart below. All of the measurements are pre-wear and pre-wash.

To measure your waist, lay out your trousers (with the waistband buttoned) flat, and pull the top of the front edge to the top of the back edge. Measure the whole circumference to get a precise measurement. Please note that Artisan Lab's trousers have a medium-high rise.

To measure your thigh, measure the trousers (flat and buttoned) across the thigh, 2” down from the crotch seam. Multiply this number by two.

Slim fit (flannel)

EU UK Waist width (cm)Hip width (cm)Upper thigh width (cm)Inner leg length (cm)Foot width (cm)

Semi-slim fit (cotton & denim)

EU UK Waist width (cm)Hip width (cm)Upper thigh width (cm)Inner leg length (cm)Foot width (cm)

Now that you've studied our Artisan Lab sizing guide, go forth and fill your basket.